About Us

Dave Mitri
Founder of Fantasy Trophies

You could say FantasyTrophies.com was born in 1993 out of my desire to see my fantasy football league play for a trophy that truly represented the guys in it and what  I feel fantasy sports are all about.  You see, for me it’s never been about the cash prize at the end of the year. Instead it’s about who owns life long bragging rights and the joy of shoving victory in your buddy’s face.  It’s that simple.

So when I looked around and saw the horrible trophies that were out there I soon realized I needed to sculpt something myself.  Since I was going to art school at the time I grabbed some clay and went to work.  After weeks of  sculpting, the Armchair Quarterback was born.  When I finally unveiled it at my football draft my buddies went absolutely nuts.  We clearly had the trophy that would represent our league for years to come and something that made the cash prize an added bonus. A few years later everyone was talking about this thing called “the worldwide web” and I soon found myself with a website, domain, and a business. FantasyTrophies.com’s humble beginnings were in my parent’s garage in Cleveland, Ohio.  It was there that the casting, chasing, finishing and shipping all took place.

Fast forward and you’ll find me now married with 2 kids and operating FantasyTrophies.com out of  a shop in Brooklyn, NY.  The location may be different, but the quality and craftsmanship remains the same.  Every trophy is still hand-made and given the same attention that the very first trophy received all those years ago.  Because I know when a trophy is unveiled to a new league the reaction will also be the same as the one my buddies had back in Cleveland.

Thanks for your interest.

~ Dave