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2 New Molds Being Made for Fantasy Football Trophies

It’s been pretty crazy here at It always is this time of year. I’ve definitely seen an increase in Mini trophy orders from last year and guys have told me more and more that their leagues have decided to play for a Mini trophy every year. I’m obviously thrilled to hear that and it’s exactly what I had in mind when I first introduced the Armchair Quarterback Mini and the Throwback Mini two years ago. Let’s face it, when the big guy moves on it’s nice to still have something that reminds you and your buddies of your total dominance.
Because of the Minis popularity though, I’ve had to make sure that the molds I have are of the best quality. For that reason I had my mold guy Terry create 2 new molds. One for the Throwback Mini and one for the Armchair Quarterback Mini. It’s a pretty involved process that I feel I should go into further in another blog post, but for now just be assured that the quality of both trophies are what you expect from

Good luck if you’re still in the playoffs of your league.


Terry creating a new mold for the Throwback Mini fantasy football trophy