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Give me a BEER!

The Super Bowl is tomorrow and for a Browns fan it is always a day to dream.    Dream of next season, the draft, usually a new coach(in this case Mangini), a6a00c225274bb18e1d00cdf3ac3853cb8f-200pi1 new GM (Kokinis) and hopefully some wins.  Having the Steelers in the big game, yet again, just adds salt to my ever growing open wound.  Man, I think I’m going to start crack’in the beers early and hopefully I’ll be numb while the game is on. 


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Fantasy Baseball Trophy captures title.

Before you know it spring training will be here and talk of who should be the first pick will start.  Some will go with Hanley Ramirez while others will make a case for Reyes, Pujols, or A-rod.    However, much of my  time will be spent putting the “Armchair Ace” up against any other fantasy baseball trophy on the market today.   Sometimes I feel like an agent shopping my player around to Fantasy Trophiesinterested teams while other sites pedal washed up, tired and  pathetic excuses for trophies to baseball diehards everywhere. While the debate will wage for the next few months on who the first pick should be, I think it’s pretty clear that my man is in his prime and ready to take your league to a new level. (and he’s a bargain compared to C.C.)Good luck in your league.-DM