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Favre’s Pink Helmet battles on at 5-3

Austin Collie should be back on the field
With only 5 weeks remaining until the playoffs begin, “Favre’s Pink Helmet” is 5-3 and looking to get some key players back. Austin Collie is listed as questionable but should be in the starting line-up and Sidney Rice is finally on the practice field and could be ready to go in a couple weeks. Losing Jermichael Finley for the season was a real killer for me, but I’m hoping Jacob Tamme’s performance Monday night wasn’t a fluke and he’ll be a nice pick-up for me down the stretch. I’m still getting killed by KC’s running game because Haley won’t give the damn ball to J. Charles 25 times a game and I just can’t seem to put Thomas Jones over him in my starting line-up. Favre has been a total bust this year and if I had something better than Chad Henne he’d find his perverted ass on my bench.

This week’s line-up is as follows:
J. Charles
T. Jones (Gore is on a Bye)
B. Marshall
A. Collie
J. Tamme
D. Carpenter
J. Mayo
R. Lewis

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James Harrison deserved to be fined every penny.

I’ll start by saying I’m a huge Browns fan and I can’t stand the Steelers. With that said, it has nothing to do with my belief that James Harrison deserved to be fined every dime of the $20,000 Roger Goodell handed down to him. The guy is on the shit list of the commissioner and he knows it. Yet he still knocks down one of the most popular players in the league well after Brees threw the ball. He even hesitates before doing it. Check out the video and you tell me. Am I missing something here?