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Get Your Fantasy Football Trophy Order In Soon

Get your fantasy football trophy order in soon
It’s that time of year again when guys everywhere are feeling the fantasy football itch and are beginning to look for the trophy that will represent their league. As many of you have probably come to realize is that the trophies here at are all hand made and are not your standard run of the mill trophy. Almost all the other trophies you’ll find online are created from parts that are made overseas in China. The only thing those other trophy companies need to do is assemble the plastic tops to the veneered particle board bases. Honestly, it still amazes me that some leagues still decide to go for these pieces of crap. But I digress…
I’m mentioning this because if you are interested in purchasing a hand made trophy from us you’ll need to get your order in soon if you want it in time for your draft. I’ve spent the better part of the last 3 months trying to build up enough inventory for the preseason push, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. And to be honest with you, the inventory is becoming less and less with each passing week.
So get those orders in soon. I’m just sayin’…


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Fantasy Football Trophy and The Miz

Once again Sirius Radio held their Celebrity Fantasy Football Draft at the Hard Rock in Times Square. Only this time received a little extra publicity when WWE Superstar, The Miz, showed off The Throwback on the red carpet. Check it out.
It’s all about the bragging rights!

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The Shiva Fantasy Football Trophy

Since the TV show, “The League” has been on air and gained incredible popularity I can’t help but wonder if the increase in sales I’ve seen is in some way related to the “Shiva Trophy.” If you’re not familiar with the television show it’s about a group of fantasy football fanatics who eat, drink, and sleep fantasy football. They play for a trophy called “The Shiva” which is named after a girl the characters liked in high school. The trophy even has a photograph of her as part of the overall design.

Fantasy Trophy
A league playing for one of my fantasy football trophies

I gotta say, the show is a bit corny for me and I never really got into watching it. However, I definitely want to thank the writers for including the idea of playing for a fantasy football trophy. It no doubt has helped to plant a seed in the head’s of commissioners all over the country that playing for more than just cash is the way to go.

Maybe I’ll have to give the show another shot as a show of gratitude.

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Which Fantasy Football Trophy Should I Buy?

Armchair Quarterback- fantasy football trophy

As the fantasy football season approaches I inevitably receive a few emails asking me for my opinion on which trophy I’d recommend for their league. As many of you know, my league has been playing for the Armchair Quarterback for nearly 20 years but it’s primarily because it was the very first trophy I sculpted. It has history on it’s side. However, I can obviously see the allure of the Throwback. The only real advice I give leagues on what trophy they should go with is this-

If you’re in a league where guys are scattered all over the country and you’ll be shipping it every year- I’d go with the Armchair Quarterback. It’s just less likely to break in transport. The Throwback has been known to occasionally break if it’s not packaged correctly and even sometimes when it is. And let’s face it- do you really trust that one buddy of yours to package it correctly?

If the Throwback does break it ends up costing you $275 for just the sculpture top. The Armchair Quarterback can still chip or break but it rarely does if packaged the right way. It just has less fragile parts.

Either way you’re clearly getting what I believe is the greatest fantasy football trophies in the world today but choose wisely. After all, soon your trophy will have it’s own history and hopefully it won’t include how your drunk friend thought his crumpled up sports page would be sufficient enough to wrap it in for its cross country journey.

The Throwback-fantasy football trophy

Good luck this season,


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Fantasy Football Trophy Makes It Inside The USA Today Magazine

Congratulations to Frank Little of the All World Fantasy Useless League (AWFUL) for being selected by THE USA TODAY to be featured in their fantasy football magazine. As you can see, the Throwback made it in their as well. Pick up the magazine at a news rack by you and I think you’ll agree with me, those other trophies look pretty damn lame next to Frank’s.