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Fantasy Football Trophy Finally Travels to Hawaii

The Throwback fantasy football trophy is finally headed to Hawaii.  That means I have at least one fantasy trophy in all 50 states.   I’ve sent a few trophies to our 49th state up north, but never to the 50th and the islands in the Pacific.   I remember when I first started in my parent’s garage and began shipping them around the country, I wondered if I’d get one in every state.  Well, the answer is now yes.

Now I’m just hoping to get a photo from the league for the Wall of Fame.


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The Mulligan Golf Trophy is Finished

A golf trophy that has been months in the making is finally here. I’m proud to announce the Mulligan trophy is finally up on and ready for golf fans everywhere to check out. When I started in the mid 90’s I always thought about doing a golf trophy that would be similar in style to the Armchair series and the Throwback. I just wasn’t sure if I would sculpt a trophy that would be primarily fantasy golf based or something golf enthusiast everywhere could relate to. I eventually chose the latter. The Mulligan trophy, with the large base, stands 8 1/4″ x 8 1/4″ x 17 5/8″ H and is 11 pounds. Like all of my trophies, it’s made from a cast resin and given a hand painted bronze finish. All of the bases are made out of solid oak and given a hand rubbed polyurethane finish. Each large base can hold a total of 24 smaller plates along with the larger trophy title plate.  It even has a nice sized divot that can double as a holder for that miracle hole in one ball.

What do you think?


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Fantasy Football Trophies- Hand Made Bases Abound

Stocking up on fantasy football trophy bases

This week we’ve been redoing the silicone molds on both of the fantasy football trophies and, since we can’t cast any trophies until they’re completed, we’ve also been building trophy bases. As many of you know, our trophy bases are made out of solid oak and are given a satin polyurethane finish. Since they’re hand made they take a good amount of time to finish so stocking up on them during fantasy football’s offseason is crucial. After all, I know every fall I get the panicked league commissioner begging me to get his trophy shipped out to him ASAP or else his league is going to vote him out. Having an inventory of trophies on hand has probably saved dozens of commissioners from a fantasy ousting.

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Casting the Golf Trophy

creating the mold for casting multiple golf clubs at once

One of the biggest challenges with the new Mulligan golf trophy has been how to sculpt, cast, and attach the club. Most golf trophies you see have the golf club running down the back of the figure with it ultimately being attached to the backside of a leg. I really didn’t want to go this route and instead wanted a look and feel that was authentic and true to a golf swing. The challenge though would be that the club head would stick out away from the body and be susceptible to breaking. This dilemma would never fully be resolved because that point of the golf trophy will always be it’s weakest point. However, one way to help prevent the rod from snapping is to make the golf club out of 1/8″ fiberglass rod. This way it will allow some flex in the rod if it happens to be hit or bumped. Hopefully this small detail will prevent a number of unwanted breakages from happening. One thing I’ve come to realize is that no matter what you do, breakages will always happen.

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Golf Trophy- Days Away From Release

The new Mulligan golf trophy is ready for release

The new Mulligan golf trophy is only days away from finally being up on the site. My web guy Mike has been busy getting everything worked out so that the purchasing of it can be easy and seamless. Everything from copy, photos, links, and plate ordering all have to be dealt with before it’s ready to be offered to the public. I’m really excited to get this golf trophy on the site because it’s like nothing else out there in the golf world. I also feel like it’s the first trophy I have that can be used multiple ways. The Mulligan can be used for fantasy golf as well as for any golf tournament, skins game, or hole in one award. I can’t wait to see and hear the response from the fans of


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Lebron James- The Hatred Runs Deep

Lebron James is far and away the best player in the NBA right now but he’s also the most hated. I watched game 2 of the Pacers/Heat series at a local bar in Brooklyn, NY and couldn’t believe the amount of vitriol and hatred directed towards Lebron. Anyone who knows me understands my hatred for him. I’m a diehard Cleveland fan. Just catching a glimpse of Lebron in a commercial irritates me. However, I noticed last night that it didn’t matter if you were from Cleveland, Houston, Chicago or St. Louis- the detest for Lebron James cuts across all geographic lines. My guess is because people want to see their superstars struggle a bit before greatness. They want to see them persevere through hard times and come out on top. Think Michael Jordan and his battle to overcome the Detroit Pistons.
Lebron circumvented that step and jumped into an instant contender. People didn’t like it then and by the sound of the bar last night, they still haven’t forgotten.

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How to Fix a Trophy

This step by step guide is to show you how to fix The Throwback trophy, but the process works on ANY of our trophies and with most breaks.

MATERIALS NEEDED: Rag, 5 minute CLEAR epoxy, a black sharpie marker, a flat head screwdriver for mixing and dabbing epoxy, scrap piece of cardboard for mixing epoxy

If The Throwback breaks it usually happens at the ankles. First rule to prevent breakage: keep a close eye on your wife or girlfriend. Their hatred for these trophies runs deep. Second, follow the proper packaging instructions when shipping the trophy. (click here)

Broken but he can be fixed

STEP 1: Color ALL of the broken edges with a black Sharpie marker. This will help to disguise the crack. (only the first 1/8″ or so is necessary)

STEP 2: Squeeze out about a dime size portion of both A and B of the 5 Minute Clear Epoxy on a scrap piece of cardboard. (you can buy the epoxy at any major hardware store)

STEP 3: Mix A and B of the epoxy together

STEP 4: Dab a small amount of epoxy on broken parts. NOTE: Do not put too much epoxy on parts because you want to limit squeeze out when the parts are connected.

STEP 5: Bring the broken parts together. You may need to hold the parts together for awhile depending on where the break occurred.

STEP 6: If squeeze out does occur, let the epoxy set up for about a minute or two and then wipe away with a clean, lint free cloth. Try to not smear the epoxy too much.

STEP 7: Hold in place if need be. Once the epoxy is fully hardened you are finished.

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Fantasy Trophies – Football Is Near

It’s May and that means base building at the shop. With baseball in full swing and hockey and basketball entrenched in their playoffs, orders at always seem to slow down this time of year. However, work doesn’t. This is prime season for stocking up on trophies for football season and also building bases. As many of you know, our bases are made from solid white oak and given a poly finish. This enhances the rich dark color of the bronzed trophies and really sets off the black engraved plates. I plan on making a video soon on the process each base goes through before it’s shipped off to a customer, but for now, just be assured that all bases are definitely given A1 treatment.

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Golf Gift- The Mulligan Trophy is the Perfect Present for Dad

A golf gift dad will remember

The perfect golf gift for dad. That is what people keep telling me the new Mulligan golf trophy can be. I gotta say, now that it’s completed and almost up on the site, I see what they’re talking about. I speak from experience. My father-in-law is a huge golfer and each year my wife and I get him a gift for his birthday or Christmas that has some kind of golf theme to it. Everything from boring collared golf shirts to typical personalized golf balls have been given. This year though I sense it’s going to be different. This year the Mulligan trophy is going to be that golf gift that Dad remembers and doesn’t burry in his closet. Now we just need to think about what I should engrave on the plate.
Any suggestions?

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How to Package The Throwback Fantasy Football Trophy for Shipping

Here is a step by step guide for properly packaging the large Throwback fantasy football trophy.

Important notes:
* Make sure the box is minimum 14 x 14 x 18H
* Remove the sculpture from the base
* When filling around the base and sculpture with packing peanuts, make sure all voids are filled.

STEP 6: Make sure washer and nut travel with sculpture
STEP 7 (cont.)

Safe travels,