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2014 Super Bowl in NYC a bad idea

The NFL owners voted to have the 2014 Super Bowl in New York City and I gotta say, I’m not feel’in this one. The Super Bowl is the one sporting event that defines American sports culture. It’s a game that is watched by millions and even by those who couldn’t even tell you what a first down is and think Peyton Manning is the guy on Saturday Night Live.
The day itself has almost become bigger than the game and is regarded by many as a national holiday. It’s a reason to party. A chance to kick back, crack a beer with friends and family and watch the two best teams battle it out to see who is deserving of the Lombardi trophy.
Last years game was a perfect example of what the Super Bowl was meant to be. Two incredible teams slugging it out to the very end. A display of high powered offenses and rock solid defenses that left everything they had out on the field. A field, I might add, that was in perfect condition.
Can you imagine last years game being played in NYC in possibly a sloppy mess? Drew Brees and Peyton Manningimages-11 would finally have a chance to display their incredible talent in handing the ball off 30-40 times. I know many think that would make for a memorable game. Perhaps. However, it could also make for a 6-3 game that is boring as hell. Recently the Bears and Colts played in Super Bowl XLI and the weather became a factor. It was raining the majority of the game. Remember? Oh, it’s because the game was horribly boring. Nothing memorable about it. True, some snow or rain games are memorable and are part of football lore. However, more games played in bad weather are just bad. Why take the chance? -DM