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A Fantasy Football Trophy Will Help Keep Us Together

I’m always curious to see a league unveil their fantasy football trophy.  Thank you to Ryan and the guys at Columbia University Dental School for sending me their video (link below).   I’m glad you love The Kavita trophy!  As you can see, their trophy is customized with their school’s logo on the back of the recliner.  A nice little touch I must say.  Ryan told me that they wanted to get one of my fantasy football trophies to ensure that they’d always be in touch after dental school.   Very cool and I have no doubt it will do the job.  – Dave

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Fantasy Football Trophy Could Be Mine

The fantasy football playoffs are in week two and my league’s trophy is still within reach.  I’m stunned that I actually pulled out a win today and will move on to the Super Bowl next week.  One thing you can always count on in fantasy football is that you can’t count on anything.   The team I was playing had Luck, Charles, Blount, AJ Green, Sanders, Fleener, and JJ Watt.  His team was stacked for a 14 team super competitive league.  My key players, on the other hand, are Wilson, Vereen, S. Jackson, D. Thomas, Megatron, Gronk, and Borland.  Yes, my RBs are terrible!  But hey, luck doesn’t care about terrible.  It shows up when you least expect it and I certainly didn’t expect Charles, Blount, Sanders, and Green all to crap the bed.  But I’ll take it.  Hopefully next week I can say I’ll be taking home the trophy.