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Custom Fantasy Football Trophy Takes Flight

A few months back I received an email from Russell, a former Navy pilot, asking if I’d be interested in sculpting a custom fantasy football trophy for his league. He said he had seen my work on and noticed some of the trophies I sculpted for firefighters and cops and thought I’d be the perfect artist to create something for his group of guys. I gotta say, anytime I’m approached to do a custom trophy I’m always excited but it’s extra special when it’s for current and/or former members of our military. We had a couple email exchanges and then a phone conversation to hammer out the details of the design and then I got to work. Russell wanted additions to the large Armchair Quarterback trophy which he thought would work perfectly in representing a guy sitting in the cockpit of an aircraft. Features like a pilot helmet with a voice activated mic, a vest that holds their gear, and a helmet bag next to the recliner that would have a few beers in it were all musts. (OK, maybe the beers wouldn’t be in the cockpit) After grinding off the features of the Armchair Quarterback that were of no use, it was then time to start sculpting the details of the new design in Magic Sculpt. The biggest challenge was the mic of the helmet because I wanted it to be realistic and not a big, bulky object that seemed too clunky. I was able to achieve the desired result by bending a heavy gauge pin and sculpting the mic on the end of it. Once everything was done I went about applying the finishing coats of bronze and then mounted it to one of my handmade oak bases. Russell then sent me the info of the league’s ten past champions and I got right on engraving the plates. Coming up with a name for the trophy will happen once the league gets to see it and live with it for awhile. After all, you don’t want to rush such an important decision. Overall I was absolutely thrilled with how the Armchair Pilot turned out and I can’t wait to hear from Russell about the reaction of the guys in his fantasy football league when it’s finally unveiled. It was an honor to create something for a great group of men who have dedicated themselves to this great country. Good luck in your league guys. – Dave


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Custom Fantasy Football Trophy Like No Other

I don’t take on many custom trophy request but this particular one caught my interest.  I was asked to sculpt a trophy with the likeness of a league commissioner’s late Grandfather.  He also wondered if I could have him holding a giant cigar in one hand and have a few coins in the other.  After receiving a few photo references I got to work.  The beauty of doing some of these custom trophies is the customer usually wants one of my existing designs altered a bit to fit their desired idea.  This trophy was no different.  He loved the Armchair Quarterback and asked if I could add the new features to the existing sculpture.  No problem, I said.   Magi-Sculpt is the perfect material to use for a project like this because it gives me a decent amount of sculpting time and it dries as hard as a rock.  It also takes paint extremely well and allows me to finish the trophy with the same bronze coating I use for all of my designs.

After grinding off the parts of the original Armchair Quarterback that were no longer needed, it was time to work on the new face, shirt, hands, and pants.  Each custom trophy I do has it’s own set of challenges but this one was particularly unique because I had to capture  a likeness of someone on a very small scale.  Overall I was really pleased with how it turned out and I can’t wait to hear from the commissioner and the guys in his league.

Thanks for your interest.



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Studio Visits Never Get Old

It’s always incredible when a customer of mine wants to stop by the shop to pick up their trophy in person.  Today I got to experience just that.  Keith A. , a detective from the Emergency Service Unit here in NYC, decided he’d drive nearly an hour on his day off to get his league trophy at my shop in Brooklyn.  Any time I get to meet a fan of my trophies is special but it’s definitely even more so when it’s a member of the fire or police department.   Hearing how Keith ran across the Armchair Cop and especially seeing his enthusiasm for the trophy is what made the day so memorable.  I can’t wait to hear from the rest of the guys in his league.  If they’re anything like Keith, I’m sure I’ll be in for quite a few more great days like this one.  Thanks Keith and good luck in your league.  -Dave

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Making a Fantasy Football Trophy

Over the years I’ve gotten quite a few questions regarding how I decided to make my first fantasy football trophy.  It was back in 1993 and I was going to art school at the time.  Even though I was a painting major I was required to take my fair share of sculpture classes.  My favorite was life sculpture which was a 3 hours class that met twice a week.  It was there that I decided I would take some of the clay we were given and use about a third of it to sculpt a fantasy football trophy.  You see, I had won my league in it’s inaugural season in 1991 and I knew I needed to make a trophy that would represent our league for years to come.  We were playing for a cash prize at the time but a trophy would make winning the league that much more exciting and the champ would have ultimate bragging rights.  After all, I feel that is really what fantasy football is all about.  The cash is nice but it’s gone in a matter of weeks and then your championship is more or less forgotten.  A trophy though would keep a history of the league.  Each champ would have his name engraved on a plate along with the team name and year and thus remembered forever.

It took me a few weeks to finally finish the sculpture of the Armchair Quarterback and then it moved on to the mold making stage.  The initial trophy was plaster so the mold was a throw away mold made out of a softer plaster that would get chipped away.   After I gave the trophy a bronze finish I built a base out of wood and had plates engraved for the first few years.  I unveiled the trophy at our fantasy football draft and my buddies went nuts.

Our league is finishing up it’s 26th season and 7 of the original 10 guys are still trying to desperately win it all.   Now we have 14 teams and the competition and desire to win our “Fedele Trophy” has never been so intense.  Even though a few team owners have changed over the years, one thing  will always remain the same –the desire to win THE TROPHY!

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Top 5 Gifts for Fantasy Football Lovers

Are you looking for the perfect gift idea for your dad, husband, boyfriend, or anyone else who happens to love fantasy football?  This short list then is for you.

5.  Membership to

Keeping up on injuries, hot players, sleepers and busts of the week is vital if one wants to dominate his or her league.  Being able to go to one website that is entirely devoted to fantasy football is  the only way to go.  The Huddle provides just that.  With breaking news on individual players and articles that cover what’s relevant for that particular week, it’s a source that every diehard fantasy football lover should take full advantage of.

4.  A Recliner for the Man Cave

Every fantasy football owner deserves to watch 12+ hours of football every Sunday in total comfort.  The best way to do that is in a chair specifically designed for viewing pleasure, the infamous recliner.  Feet up, beer in hand, box of pretzels at  your side and no interruptions for endless hours  of football bliss sounds like fantasy football heaven to me.

3. Craft Beer of the Month Club

Cracking a beer as you sit down to watch the first football game of the day is music to the ears of any  fantasy football fan.  Now imagine if the beer is from some of the best microbrews in the country and it was delivered right to your door.  That is what you get when one joins a beer of the month club.

2.  NFL Sunday Ticket on Direct TV

Face it, fantasy football is about watching as much football as you possibly can and the only way to do that, in the comfort of your home, is to have The NFL Package on Direct TV. Not only can you view each game but they also have a red zone channel that only displays which team/player is about to score.  Pure genius.

1.   A  FanatasyTrophies gift certificate!

Plenty of leagues play for a cash prize, but playing for trophies of this caliber takes one’s league to an entirely different level.   Handmade in Brooklyn, NY, these trophies not only perfectly represent what it means to be a fantasy football fanatic, but they also keep a history of the league by having each winning team engraved on a championship plate.   The toughest decision is figuring out which trophy represents the league better- The Throwback or The Armchair Quarterback.  The beauty of a gift certificate though is that you don’t have to make that call, he does.

The ultimate gift for fantasy football fans


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Make Rome Great Again

Naming your fantasy football team is something many owners spend weeks, if not months, trying to figure out. I’m no exception. I started in 2011 with a Roman theme when I named my team “The Roman Knows.” From there I moved on to “The Roman Empire”, “Roman Crusade”, “Roman Gladiator”, and “Rome’s Revenge.” This year I was racking my brain trying to come up with the next rendition when it hit me…”Make Rome Great Again.” For me though the true fun begins after the team is named because it’s then that I start to design my logo. Let’s just say that The Donald left me all kinds of possibilities. Here is what I came up with. Enjoy.


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Wives Are Not Big Fans of My Fantasy Football Trophies

When it comes to my fantasy football trophies I know one thing to be certain: wives do not like them. So if you’re married be forewarned. When I sculpted The Armchair Quarterback way back in 1993 I knew it had to be large and proud. It had to be a trophy that would demand respect and make a statement. Both were achieved. Years later when I introduced The Throwback my criteria remained the same. Wives though just don’t see them the same way. I believe the words “ridiculous” and “monstrous” have been uttered on more than one occasion. I had one friend’s wife even tell me that she hoped her husband wouldn’t win his league because she knew it meant he would proudly display the Armchair Quarterback in their family room for the entire year. Such a shame.

Wives are not my biggest fans
Wives are not my biggest fans

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Fantasy Football Loser Trophy Changes Everything

A lot of fantasy football leagues are realizing that playing for a loser trophy adds another level of excitement and competition. I can speak from experience. I didn’t sculpt the Ultimate Loser until my league was nearly 15 years old and the reason I did it was to keep guys fully engaged in the league for the entire season. Some guys, knowing that they had no chance at the league trophy, would kinda pack it in at the end of the year. It happens all the time in fantasy football leagues and many times it can cost another team a birth in the playoffs. We’ve all seen it happen. With a loser trophy though hanging over the heads of all league owners, no one can take a week off. The possible humiliation of being on a loser trophy just won’t allow it.

A fantasy football loser trophy will keep owners fighting to the bitter end.
A fantasy football loser trophy will keep owners fighting to the bitter end.

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A Cleveland Championship Week I’ll Never Forget

It’s been two weeks since my hometown Cleveland Cavaliers won game 7 of the NBA Championship after being down 3-1 to the Golden State Warriors and I think it’s finally starting to sink in. Watching the 4th quarter of the game every other day seems to help.
As many of you know, I’m a huge Cleveland sports fan and thus suffered through the heartache and misery of the Browns, Indians, and Cavaliers for the last 40 years. Unless you’re a Cleveland fan you just can’t fully understand the gravity of continually losing in the most gut wrenching, rip your heart out kind of ways. Or the long agonizing droughts all three teams have experienced. So for the Cavaliers to finally win a Championship after Cleveland fans have suffered for 52 years, was an indescribable moment. One that I knew I had to experience in Cleveland.
When the Cavaliers won game 6 my wife turned to me as I crawled into bed and asked, “what happened? Did they win?” I simply said, “I’m going to Cleveland.” She knew that I wasn’t joking. I’ve told her all along that if any Cleveland team had a shot at a Championship I’d be experiencing the moment in my hometown. Two days later I was on the road at 6 am making the eight hour trip from Brooklyn, NY. The next 8 hours would be filled with thoughts of a miraculous comeback from a 3-1 deficit (something no team had ever done in NBA history) and a ticker tape parade through the streets of downtown. The images I had floating around in my head though were hard to embrace. After all, I’d been burned so many times in the past that I think I didn’t want to get too excited. Misery hurts that much more when you’re coming down from a place of confidence and glee.
When my friends and I arrived downtown the streets were bustling with fans that had the same kind of wishful confidence that was brewing inside of me. Would this be THE night? We eventually found ourselves at a hotel bar that was packed with screaming patrons. All of us with one common desire; to witness and experience history. The game was a back and forth battle with neither team able to deliver a knockout blow. When Golden State surged slightly ahead in the fourth quarter you could feel the “here we go again” air fill the room. I’ve breathed it in many times in my 45 years and know exactly what it tastes and feels like. The Cavaliers however would quickly answer and soon found themselves in a 89-89 tie with just over 4 minutes left in the game. The collective heartbeat of the 100+ fans in that hotel bar raced as all of us felt that our dreams of a Championship might actually be realized. Then it happened. With just under a IMG_1703minute to go in the game, Kyrie Irving launched a 3 pointer that will forever live in Cleveland sports history. It was the shot that put us ahead for good. As the final seconds ticked off the clock the bar erupted in screams, laughter, embrace, and overall hysteria. I was in partial disbelief as I hugged friends and total strangers. We had all been downtown for the chance we’d experience what was now taking place; absolute collective joy. 52 years of suffering was gone. The curse was finally dead. Cleveland had its Championship!
The exuberance would soon fill the streets as ecstatic fans of all ages, colors, and nationalities spilled out of the bars. Everyone was now hugging and high fiving, yelling and chanting, laughing and crying. This was pure heaven for a sports fan. The misery and suffering of 52 years was finally being washed away in one night. A night that I had wished for so many years and now one that I’ll never forget.

Three days later the ticker tape parade happened where an estimated 1.3 million fans filled the streets of Cleveland. People from all over the country and world were there to take in the experience. I made sure that I was one of them. My friend Mario and I were downtown by 6 am in order to grab the perfect parking spot and hold our place along the route. Little did we know that getting a location that early didn’t matter since the streets would be overrun with fans. The parade was even delayed because the route was clogged with so many people that the parade couldn’t get through. This was Cleveland! A city and it’s fans that had been waiting for this moment for five decades. As Lebron, Kyrie, JR Smith, and all the other players slowly drove past I found myself reflecting back on the heartache of years gone by. “The Drive”, “The Fumble”, “Red Right 88”, “The Shot”, Jose Mesa, “The Decision”, and many others were now finally going to take a back seat to the incredible memories from the most amazing week I had ever experienced in my beloved hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

FullSizeRender IMG_1717 IMG_1728 IMG_1784 IMG_1796 IMG_1826 IMG_1771

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Laremy Tunsil Pick Could Pay Huge Dividends for Dolphins

Laremy Tunsil’s epic 2016 NFL Draft will forever be remembered because of the video that was posted to Twitter just 13 minutes before the first pick was announced. In it Tunsil is seen wearing a gas mask bong and, unlike Bill Clinton, clearly is inhaling. The video created shock waves that every GM at the top of the Draft couldn’t ignore. Tunsil fell from the projected first overall pick at one time, all the way to #13. The video cost him millions.
For the Dolphins, it could be the steal of the Draft if Tunsil lives up to his one time projection as the top overall player. Let’s face it, every GM knows that players smoke pot but they don’t want their name attached to a guy that has controversy linked to him before he even enters the league. Apparently Miami’s front office felt convinced the reward vs. the risk was worth it. We shall see.
One thing however is for certain. The NFL will use Laremy Tunsil’s night as a warning to all incoming players on what not to do.