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Big Poppy a needle in my ass

Can the damn list of major league steroid users just be released and put all of this leaking of names to an end? David Ortiz has becomeimages-12 the latest player to be outed and deemed a steroid user in 2003. Nothing is shocking any more when it comes to baseball. At this point I’d believe the mascots were on steroids. I’ll say it again- the guys that should really be pissed off are the Hank Aarons of the baseball world. Guys that helped to make the game what it once was and held improbable records that were a part of Americana. Now the game is forever tainted and seeing names like Barry Bonds on top of the HR list makes me cringe and want to look away. Hey baseball, here is a little advice that is real simple. Start hitting shift/8 and see what appears. Start using them.