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Brewing beer and making trophies

Our cocoa nibs soaking in vodka
We had our bottling night at and now our London ESB is only 2 weeks away from us being able to crack one open. We figured since we’d be in the shop bottling the ESB why not brew up another batch of something else the same night. I know that I mentioned that I’d be pushing for brewing Dogfish Head’s 60 Minute IPA, but my friend Erin found a great recipe for a chocolate stout that none of us could pass up. When she opened the jar of cocoa nibs that had been soaking in vodka for the past few days I think all of us in the shop knew that we made the right decision. The great thing too is that it should be ready to bring in 2012!
The plan in the shop right now is to have a bottle and brew night every two weeks with us brewing a different batch each time. I see a lot of beer in our future. A cellar in the basement might be next on our list.
Any tips or comments on brewing would be greatly appreciated. We are new at this thing.
Our first ever chocolate stout