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Browns draft 2009

Growing up in Cleveland, I’ve seen my fair share of NFL draft busts for the Cleveland Browns.  Names like Mike Junkin, Tommy Vardell, Clifford Charlton, William Green, and Gerrard Warren are just a few that will forever haunt Browns fans.  Then you have the two number one overall picks that were taken when the Browns came back to Cleveland, Tim Couch and Courtney Brown-these two belong in the draft busts hall of fame. Now I realize all fans have their horror stories, but Cleveland seems to have the market cornered on how to screw up on draft day-sorry Jets fans.  I’ll admit they got a little better under recently fired GM Phil Savage.  He at least gave the Browns Braylon Edwards and Joe Thomas (2 pro bowls in 2 years).  But now it’s up to Eric Mangini and new GM George Kokinis to show that they know more about drafting players than if I had an old lady throw darts at names pinned to a wall.  The Browns have the #5

overall pick this year and fans are nervously awaiting the calling out of that name that will forever become a part of Browns history. Let’s just say I don’t have much faith.   I’m thinking Mangini should  start scouting some old folks homes that have dart boards.   -DM