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Carmelo Anthony To Knicks Deal a Disappointment

Carmelo Anthony a Knick
It used to be that you could follow your team and know the names of the guys on it because they’d been there for 7-10 years. Especially the super stars. Guys like Larry Bird, Magic, Dr. J, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, John Stockton and David Robinson all played for the team that drafted them for pretty much their entire career. Yes, I’m reminiscing back to the “good ‘ol days” of basketball past. It’s hard not to do when a guy like Carmelo Anthony gets traded, in his prime, from smaller market Denver to the giant of all media hoopla, New York. I feel for Nugget fans. Being that I’m a diehard Cleveland Cavaliers fan I can obviously relate. Lebron James chose to take his “talents to South Beach” rather than stay in the city that he grew up so close to and the fans that loved watching him play. The only difference is that the Cavaliers got no value in return. The Nuggets at least get players and draft picks. However, everyone knew that Carmelo Anthony was out of Denver the minute free agency struck and he forced the hand of the Nuggets front office to get a deal done. Sounds very similar to the ever popular trade deadline in baseball doesn’t it? As that deadline nears every summer, smaller market teams watch as their best and favorite players get gobbled up by the contending, and most of the time, larger market teams.
Now I know I sound like a bitter Cleveland fan right now and that’s BECAUSE I AM! Sports overall is becoming harder and harder to watch if you’re a fan of a smaller market team. You know that the guys you’re rooting for and paying good money to go see are really only on a rental basis. The jerseys you buy for yourself or your kids should have tear-away numbers and letters so that we could at least save a few extra bucks.
So as Carmelo Anthony lands in New York, Nugget fans will have to pick up the pieces of what could have been. They’ll think of how great it was having a superstar in Denver and how blinded they were to ever think a player of Anthony’s ability would ever stay there. Most of all they’ll be pissed as hell.
Especially when they sit and think–Let the Danilo Gallinari years begin.