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Fantasy Football Trophy for Firemen

Having a fantasy football trophy specifically designed for firemen has always been something that I’ve thought about.  This year it became a reality.  A few weeks ago I was contacted by a fireman down in Florida who was wondering if I could add a firefighter’s helmet to the Throwback with his engine companies number on it.  I decided to give it a shot. When it was finally completed, I was so pleased with the result that I knew I needed to add a similar helmet to the Armchair Quarterback.  Fate pushed my hand.  It was only a few days after finishing the Throwback that I received and order from a firehouse in NYC for a regular large Armchair Quarterback.  I knew it was for a firehouse because of the name they wanted engraved on the main plate.  It had both the engine and ladder company numbers.   I gave Dan, a fireman at the station, a call and asked if they’d be interested in having an Armchair Quarterback trophy with a fireman’s helmet instead of the customary leather one.  Dan was thrilled with the idea and said he’d was going to surprise his league with the new trophy.  A perk for me was the fact that I was able to arrange a day that I could hand deliver it myself to the guys at the station.  Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to visit a NYC firehouse?

It’s rare that I feel short in an environment, being that i’m 6’2″, but this was definitely one of those rare times.  Dan and a bunch of the other guys towered over me.  Dan unveiled the trophy and the guys couldn’t have been happier with the result.  The fireman’s axe next to the recliner was a small detail that they really seemed to like.  Overall  the entire experience was just as rewarding for me as it was for them.

Now I just need to get both trophies up on the site.  Thanks for the photo guys.

If you’re a firefighter and interested in either trophy contact me at Dave at 

PS- Thanks for the photo guys.

firemen fantasy football trophy
A fantasy football trophy for the firehouse


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Engraving Plates for Fantasy Football Trophies

I’m in the middle of getting bombarded with plate orders and almost forgot I had to engrave a plate for my own league.  It’s always tough engraving a plate for the fantasy football trophy I SCULPTED when my name isn’t on the damn thing.  It’s especially tough engraving a plate though when my buddies Bill and Dan won the league again!  That’s three titles in the span of 10 years.  A feat that has never been pulled off in the history of my league.  They’re the only three time champs, along with myself, in the 24 years our league has been in existence.  I just pray they don’t go back to back.  I’ll never hear the end of it if they do.

Congrats you jerks!

fantasy football trophy
Bill and Dan- 3 time champs
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Fantasy Football Trophy For Firemen

The Throwback-fantasy football trophy
The Throwback-fantasy football trophy

Recently I was asked if I could sculpt a fantasy football trophy for a group of firemen in Florida.   I knew that sculpting a trophy from scratch would be way too expensive so the idea was floated to just put a firefighter’s helmet on The Throwback.  I’ve done a few other small alterations to both The Throwback and The Armchair Quarterback in the past so I knew this idea could work.   I soon got to work and added a helmet to a large Throwback by sculpting it out of Magic Sculpt.  Magic Sculpt is a two part paste that, when mixed together in equal parts, hardens after a few hours.  It’s perfect because it gives you a good amount of time to sculpt what you want and it’s paintable.  Once it was done, I liked it so much that I decided to have my buddy James make a mold of the head so that I could cast more in the future.   The pictures below are of the sculpture during the mold making process.  I’ll have more photos in the near future and we’ll see how it turns out.  Stay tuned. – Dave

firefighters trophy football
A fantasy football trophy for firefighters is on it’s way
firefighters fantasy trophy
The silicon mold of the head


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Loser Trophy for Fantasy Football League

A fantasy football trophy you definitely don't want your name on
A fantasy football trophy you definitely don’t want your name on

A loser trophy for a fantasy football league can change everything.  Believe me, I know.  Last year I came unbelievably close to having my name on ours, The Loudini.   If not for my buddy Frank and his horrible excuse for a team, I would’ve been forever remembered for shitting the bed in 2012.  You just can’t live that type of season down in fantasy football.  Especially with my group of guys.  A loser trophy adds that extra pressure.   Every owner wants to experience what it feels like to win their league and have ultimate bragging rights.  However, having your name on your league’s loser trophy says that you were the worst at what you do- at least for that year.  It’s a trophy that holds the history and proof that some guys just don’t know jack when it comes to fantasy football.  You can’t dispute it either.  The proof is in the engraved plates that show the names.  It’s one “prize” that no one wants and a trophy that you’ll do anything to stay off of.

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Fantasy Football Trophy Finally Travels to Hawaii

The Throwback fantasy football trophy is finally headed to Hawaii.  That means I have at least one fantasy trophy in all 50 states.   I’ve sent a few trophies to our 49th state up north, but never to the 50th and the islands in the Pacific.   I remember when I first started in my parent’s garage and began shipping them around the country, I wondered if I’d get one in every state.  Well, the answer is now yes.

Now I’m just hoping to get a photo from the league for the Wall of Fame.


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Fantasy Football Trophies- Hand Made Bases Abound

Stocking up on fantasy football trophy bases

This week we’ve been redoing the silicone molds on both of the fantasy football trophies and, since we can’t cast any trophies until they’re completed, we’ve also been building trophy bases. As many of you know, our trophy bases are made out of solid oak and are given a satin polyurethane finish. Since they’re hand made they take a good amount of time to finish so stocking up on them during fantasy football’s offseason is crucial. After all, I know every fall I get the panicked league commissioner begging me to get his trophy shipped out to him ASAP or else his league is going to vote him out. Having an inventory of trophies on hand has probably saved dozens of commissioners from a fantasy ousting.

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Fantasy Trophies – Football Is Near

It’s May and that means base building at the shop. With baseball in full swing and hockey and basketball entrenched in their playoffs, orders at always seem to slow down this time of year. However, work doesn’t. This is prime season for stocking up on trophies for football season and also building bases. As many of you know, our bases are made from solid white oak and given a poly finish. This enhances the rich dark color of the bronzed trophies and really sets off the black engraved plates. I plan on making a video soon on the process each base goes through before it’s shipped off to a customer, but for now, just be assured that all bases are definitely given A1 treatment.

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Fantasy Football Trophy…Why Buy?

Buying a fantasy football trophyI was talking with a guy the other night at a bar and after hearing what I do he soon asked, “why would I buy a fantasy football trophy?” His argument was that the $1000 cash prize was all that his buddies needed to get them motivated to win and keep interest in their league. It didn’t take long however to get him leaning in my direction after I showed him my website and what true fantasy football trophies look like. Like they say, an image speaks a thousand words. It also helped that he won his league this past year and could definitely see the trash talking opportunities he’d have if his name was forever a part of his league’s history. Saying that you won your league vs. having the visible hardware just doesn’t compare. It also helps that my fantasy football trophies are truly hand-made and not just converted pee-wee football trophies.
Long story short, this guy was soon asking his buddies which trophy they liked better- the Armchair Quarterback or the Throwback. Lesson learned–I guess if I’m ever asked that question again I’ll just skip the sales pitch to myself and just pull up a photo on my phone.

It's all about who has bragging rights