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Golf Trophy is One Step Closer to Completion

The golf trophy I’ve been working on for the last few months is one step closer to being up on I spent the better part of today taking photos so that I can send them off to my web guy Mike. Hopefully he’ll be able to get the golf page completed which means you’ll soon be capable of ordering the most original golf trophy on the market today. As you can see, the shoot was pure Brooklyn. Here are a few photos. -Dave

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Ultimate Golf Trophy Moves Onto The Mold Making Stage

The Mulligan golf trophy gets its first coat of rubber

The golf trophy I’ve been sculpting for the past few months, the Mulligan Trophy, has finally moved onto the mold making stage. I gotta say, I’m extremely excited for this trophy to get up on the site ( so that golf fanatics everywhere can have an opportunity to play for the most unique golf trophy on the market today. Hopefully I’ll have my first cast by this friday and I can then send photos off to my web guy. I’m pushing to have it up on the site within 3 weeks. Thanks for your patience. – Dave

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Golf Trophy is Finally Being Sculpted

A golf trophy for the hacker in all of us

Over the years I’ve had numerous people ask me if I was ever going to sculpt a golf trophy. Not a trophy that would be specifically designed for fantasy golf, but rather a trophy that could represent their office league or be given as a gift to a lifelong golf fanatic. A trophy that would truly embody the physical demands riding around in a golf cart while drinking a six pack can put on the body. Well, that time has come. Yesterday I started sculpting a golf trophy that all hackers can be proud of.
As you can see, he’ll still have that same “athletic build” you’ve come to expect from all of my trophies. The only difference is he won’t have his classic man slippers on his feet.

Keep checking in- I hope to have it completed in a few weeks.