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Cedric Benson as MVP?

I think it’s safe to say that if you drafted Cedric Benson this year you’re

League MVP?
League MVP?
looking pretty damn good right about now. Benson has been totally dominate this year and Marvin Lewis is feeding him the ball more than any other back in the league. Can you say workhorse? Benson is easily in the running for MVP of the league at this point and if he captures the rushing title and puts the Bengals in the playoffs it’s going to be very hard not to give it to him. Yes, other players like Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Brett Favre have their respective teams playing at high levels, but let’s remember who Cedric Benson plays for people–THE BENGALS. He’s gotta get some additional votes solely based on that. It’s always nice to see a player of his collegiate resume resurrect his career and prove that he wasn’t a bust. His days in Chicago were disappointing in every way but a second chance in Cinci has given Benson the opportunity to show the skills that made him a star while a running back at Texas.
I’m just glad I took a shot and grabbed him in round 5 of my league. He’s paying some nice dividends. I’ll go ahead and give him the early vote for league MVP. the Throwback the Throwback