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Cheap Trophies for Fantasy Football

It happens all the time. I go on Twitter and see a guy post something about his league receiving his fantasy football trophy. It’s almost always accompanied by a twitpic or some instagram photo, so I can’t help but see if it’s one of my hand made trophies. After all, the excitement in the tweet is obvious and I’m confident that a trophy of mine would produce such a response. But when I click on the link I’m blown away by the piece of CRAP the guy is bragging about. It’s literally a pee-wee football trophy with some lame plaque on the front that says “fantasy football championship trophy.” If you don’t believe me, go to Twitter and search “fantasy football trophy”. You’re pretty much guaranteed to see one.
I guess what amazes me the most is that after spending hundreds of hours a season researching what players to draft, start, and trade– leagues then decide that they’ll have some cheap, lame trophy represent their fantasy football league. It really makes no sense to me.
The first trophy I sculpted, The Armchair Quarterback, was because I wanted something that truly represented fantasy football and the insane amount of time I was dedicating (my wife says wasting) to it. No pee-wee trophy or golden Lombardi knockoff was going to cut it.
So please guys, I beg of you– before you make that fatal mistake of so many other leagues out there, think for one second and realize your league deserves more. It deserves the best. Don’t those endless hours you obsess over fantasy football mean more to you than that “trophy” you can buy for $69.99?

And don’t even get me going on the fact they’re made in China.


A true fantasy football trophy