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Come on Shaq- make a free throw

Why is it that I can shoot free throws better than Shaq- with my eyes closed? I’ve heard the imagesexcuse that his hands are too big and that it’s difficult to handle the ball at the line. Bullshit. Is he the only 7′ guy to ever play in the NBA that has big hands? I’m pretty sure Kareem had big hands and he wasn’t that bad at the line. What about a guy like Dr. J? His hands were so big it looked like they went half way around the ball.
It will be one of those things in sport that no one will ever be able to fix. The Cavaliers could bring in Mark Price and he wouldn’t be able to help. Shaq at the line is a lost cause. I just hope when the Cavs meet the Celtics or Magic in the playoffs that Hack a Shaq doesn’t become a factor. -DM