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Custom Fantasy Football Trophy Takes Flight

A few months back I received an email from Russell, a former Navy pilot, asking if I’d be interested in sculpting a custom fantasy football trophy for his league. He said he had seen my work on and noticed some of the trophies I sculpted for firefighters and cops and thought I’d be the perfect artist to create something for his group of guys. I gotta say, anytime I’m approached to do a custom trophy I’m always excited but it’s extra special when it’s for current and/or former members of our military. We had a couple email exchanges and then a phone conversation to hammer out the details of the design and then I got to work. Russell wanted additions to the large Armchair Quarterback trophy which he thought would work perfectly in representing a guy sitting in the cockpit of an aircraft. Features like a pilot helmet with a voice activated mic, a vest that holds their gear, and a helmet bag next to the recliner that would have a few beers in it were all musts. (OK, maybe the beers wouldn’t be in the cockpit) After grinding off the features of the Armchair Quarterback that were of no use, it was then time to start sculpting the details of the new design in Magic Sculpt. The biggest challenge was the mic of the helmet because I wanted it to be realistic and not a big, bulky object that seemed too clunky. I was able to achieve the desired result by bending a heavy gauge pin and sculpting the mic on the end of it. Once everything was done I went about applying the finishing coats of bronze and then mounted it to one of my handmade oak bases. Russell then sent me the info of the league’s ten past champions and I got right on engraving the plates. Coming up with a name for the trophy will happen once the league gets to see it and live with it for awhile. After all, you don’t want to rush such an important decision. Overall I was absolutely thrilled with how the Armchair Pilot turned out and I can’t wait to hear from Russell about the reaction of the guys in his fantasy football league when it’s finally unveiled. It was an honor to create something for a great group of men who have dedicated themselves to this great country. Good luck in your league guys. – Dave


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