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Note to Lebron: Kobe’s face says it all

images-1I hope Lebron watched last night’s game between the Lakers and the Suns and took one thing from it besides Kobe’s mid-range jumper. It’s the look a champion has when he says to himself, “there is no way I’m losing this game.” Kobe Bryant’s face said it all. It was a look and a scowl that Lebron never possessed during the entire series with the Celtics and is the reason why so many are wondering what was up with King James. After all, Lebron has shown that he possesses that fiery look. We all saw it in that infamous overtime win against Detroit in 2007, in the 2008 series against the Celtics and Paul Pierce and last season against the Magic. It was strangely absent though this year when it mattered most.
Now don’t get me wrong, the Celtics were clearly a better team during this series and Lebron could’ve used a few other things than just an ugly look on his face when driving to the rim. More commitment on the defensive end from the rest of the team would’ve been a good start. However, watching Kobe last night makes you realize that Lebron will never wear a championship ring if he doesn’t figure out how to have that scowl on a moments notice. You get the feeling with Kobe that he wakes up the morning of a big game and has it on his face while he’s eating breakfast. Well, it’s time Lebron eats his Wheaties with the look of a champion. -DM