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Demarcus Cousins to the Lakers?

Is Demarcus Cousins on his way out of Sacramento?
Is Demarcus Cousins on his way out of Sacramento?

The Demarcus Cousins trade talk is definitely heating up as the NBA Draft approaches.  I imagine today and tomorrow will venture into silliness as the dreaded “league source” will surely be quoted multiple times in these waning hours.  Today the “Cousins to the Lakers for the second pick and Julius Randle” has become the popular topic of the hour.  It seems reasonable but will the Kings pull the trigger?  Sending Cousins away to play with Kobe Bryant is a scary proposition for a divisional rival.

Beyond all of the speculation, it’s hard to imagine that in this era where the superstar rules the roost, a team would listen to their head coach and trade away their best player.  Let alone when it’s the 5th coach in five seasons and Cousins still has multiple years left on his current contract.  George Karl has a track record of success but he also has an equally long record of irritating his star players.  From Ray Allen to JR Smith to Carmelo Anthony, they’ve all had their own problems with Karl.  Maybe it’s because he’s an “old school” coach that wants to build a team that doesn’t rely too heavily on one player but rather win with team basketball.  The problem is that doesn’t seem to work in today’s NBA.  Even the Spurs, who many regard as the definition of team ball, had a superstar in Tim Duncan.

One thing is certain.  Either Cousins gets traded away or when the season starts it’ll be time to pop some popcorn, pull up a chair, and watch the spectacle that will be Demarcus Cousins and George Karl trying to coincide after this offseason mess.

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