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Eric Mangini left the Browns in a better place

Well, here we go again. It’s early January and the Browns are without a coach. This time Eric Mangini is out and the search begins. I’ll continue to say that Mangini’s stamp on this team is not the 10-22 overall record he left behind. It’s the fact he took a team that was totally out of control, with no discipline and two incredibly selfish players, and brought toughness and professionalism back to the Browns. Some fans and franchises might say who the hell cares, it boils down to wins and losses. I say you’re obviously not a Browns fan and don’t understand the culture that has festered in Cleveland for so long. Mangini made huge strides in changing that in his two seasons and the Browns were not a team that any opposing coach took lightly. Beating the Patriots and Saints were the obvious high points of the season and the losses to both the Bengals and Bills were the low. However, in the gaps were plays and moments that showed a team that didn’t give up on their coach. A coach that I say did more for the team and franchise than what he’ll ultimately be remembered for. -DM