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Fantasy football team goes down in flames

Dammit. I won’t be engraving my name on my league’s trophy this year. My team laid down once the playoffs started and my buddy Mario had every matchup go in his favor. I

this guy killed me
this guy killed me
mean really, Chris Johnson vs. the Rams. Are you kidding me? I, on the other hand, had Cedric Benson vs. the Vikes and Calvin Johnson going up against the Ravens with Dante “I lost all my arm strength” Culpepper throwing to him. Not to mention Kurt Warner decided to have his worst game in years against the pass defense of the 49ers. Weren’t they the 27th ranked pass defense heading in to that game? MJD did OK for me while Wes Welker put up his usual 100 yards. One thing I can say for sure for next year is that Greg Olson will NOT be on my team. The guy is the most overrated TE in the league with the most overrated QB in the league throwing to him.
It really sucks to lose.-DM