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Fantasy Football Trophy For Firemen

The Throwback-fantasy football trophy
The Throwback-fantasy football trophy

Recently I was asked if I could sculpt a fantasy football trophy for a group of firemen in Florida.   I knew that sculpting a trophy from scratch would be way too expensive so the idea was floated to just put a firefighter’s helmet on The Throwback.  I’ve done a few other small alterations to both The Throwback and The Armchair Quarterback in the past so I knew this idea could work.   I soon got to work and added a helmet to a large Throwback by sculpting it out of Magic Sculpt.  Magic Sculpt is a two part paste that, when mixed together in equal parts, hardens after a few hours.  It’s perfect because it gives you a good amount of time to sculpt what you want and it’s paintable.  Once it was done, I liked it so much that I decided to have my buddy James make a mold of the head so that I could cast more in the future.   The pictures below are of the sculpture during the mold making process.  I’ll have more photos in the near future and we’ll see how it turns out.  Stay tuned. – Dave

firefighters trophy football
A fantasy football trophy for firefighters is on it’s way
firefighters fantasy trophy
The silicon mold of the head