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Fantasy Football Withdrawal

I’m officially in fantasy football withdrawal.
Like so many football fans, I’ve come to the realization that the season is OVER. No more QB rushing Td’s, cheap touchdowns in garbage time, your QB lighting it up or your RB just dominating the entire game.
Sundays are back to being that day to get things done around the house. I can no longer use the excuse that the Browns game is on and that I have a guy in the 4 o’clock game to watch. Oh, and the 8 o’clock game and the monday night game for that matter.
To make matters worse, basketball season is a joke this time of year and the All-Star game is unwatchable. Baseball season is getting close, but still a good month away. NASCAR is here but, I’ll admit, I’m not the biggest NASCAR guy and I’m still trying to sink my teeth into it. Hockey for me is kinda the same way.
Yes, football season is my thing. DAMN I need the NFL draft to get here soon or I may lose my mind. I just need a hit of some football. -DM

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