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Fantasy team was a DUD!

ddjajAh yes, the perils of fantasy football. Going into this season I looked at my team and thought I put together a pretty solid line-up. My biggest question mark in my mind was my 2nd running back, Cedric Benson. I gambled a bit and waited until around the 4th or 5th round to grab him, but in a 14 team league you’re always going to have to hope for a gamble to pay off. This one did. However, my second round pick did not. Calvin Johnson was a complete dud this year for his average ranking going into the season. Most websites had him ranked around 15-20 overall and some had him as high as the 2nd best receiver behind Larry Fitzgerald. I unfortunately listened to them. I grabbed “Megabust” (pick 24) after taking MJD #4 in the first round. My other “stellar pick” was buying into the hype machine that was behind TE Greg Olsen. He was worse than Calvin Johnson. Olsen, for the most part, had one good game when he scored 3 touchdowns. The only problem that week was that I didn’t even have him in. Instead I went with Jeremy Shockey because the Saints were lighting it up week after week and Brees looked like he was developing a nice chemistry with his TE. The other letdown was my defense. Jerrod Mayo got injured and never really got on track all year and Bart Scott wasn’t the same fantasy stud that he was in Baltimore. I tried all season to rectify the situation by taking free agents, but none seemed to pan out. Having a shitty defense in a IDP league will kill you. I found out the hard way.
Looking back, if some of my buddies had a clue how to draft I don’t think I would’ve made the playoffs. Fortunately I did, but got bumped in the first round.
We all know that fantasy involves a lot of luck and keeping the almighty injury bug away from your line-up. However, it also takes a fair amount of brains. Brains that I just didn’t seem to have when I showed up on draft night. I’ll take the low road and blame the beers.
Well, I hate saying it, but there’s always next year. Dammit! -DM