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Fantasy Trophy up for vote

n32938862386_2472146_74051I’m looking to expand our product line and was wondering what should be the next fantasy trophy.  I’ve received a few suggestions by direct email, but was thinking I’d throw the question up on the blog and see if I get a response.

 The 5 trophies under considerations are: (in no particular order)

 1. Golf   

2. Hockey

 3. a small Throwback  

4. a small Armchair Ace

 5. a small Armchair Crew Chief 

other suggestions are welcome.  What do you think?


One thought on “Fantasy Trophy up for vote

  1. I’d say go with a golf trophy. I’m not in a fantasy golf league, but my office league would no doubt get one if you made it. These are great and I’m talking to my football league members about getting the Throwback in the fall. Keep up the great work.

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