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Favre’s Pink Helmet battles on at 5-3

Austin Collie should be back on the field
With only 5 weeks remaining until the playoffs begin, “Favre’s Pink Helmet” is 5-3 and looking to get some key players back. Austin Collie is listed as questionable but should be in the starting line-up and Sidney Rice is finally on the practice field and could be ready to go in a couple weeks. Losing Jermichael Finley for the season was a real killer for me, but I’m hoping Jacob Tamme’s performance Monday night wasn’t a fluke and he’ll be a nice pick-up for me down the stretch. I’m still getting killed by KC’s running game because Haley won’t give the damn ball to J. Charles 25 times a game and I just can’t seem to put Thomas Jones over him in my starting line-up. Favre has been a total bust this year and if I had something better than Chad Henne he’d find his perverted ass on my bench.

This week’s line-up is as follows:
J. Charles
T. Jones (Gore is on a Bye)
B. Marshall
A. Collie
J. Tamme
D. Carpenter
J. Mayo
R. Lewis