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How to Fix a Trophy

This step by step guide is to show you how to fix The Throwback trophy, but the process works on ANY of our trophies and with most breaks.

MATERIALS NEEDED: Rag, 5 minute CLEAR epoxy, a black sharpie marker, a flat head screwdriver for mixing and dabbing epoxy, scrap piece of cardboard for mixing epoxy

If The Throwback breaks it usually happens at the ankles. First rule to prevent breakage: keep a close eye on your wife or girlfriend. Their hatred for these trophies runs deep. Second, follow the proper packaging instructions when shipping the trophy. (click here)

Broken but he can be fixed

STEP 1: Color ALL of the broken edges with a black Sharpie marker. This will help to disguise the crack. (only the first 1/8″ or so is necessary)

STEP 2: Squeeze out about a dime size portion of both A and B of the 5 Minute Clear Epoxy on a scrap piece of cardboard. (you can buy the epoxy at any major hardware store)

STEP 3: Mix A and B of the epoxy together

STEP 4: Dab a small amount of epoxy on broken parts. NOTE: Do not put too much epoxy on parts because you want to limit squeeze out when the parts are connected.

STEP 5: Bring the broken parts together. You may need to hold the parts together for awhile depending on where the break occurred.

STEP 6: If squeeze out does occur, let the epoxy set up for about a minute or two and then wipe away with a clean, lint free cloth. Try to not smear the epoxy too much.

STEP 7: Hold in place if need be. Once the epoxy is fully hardened you are finished.

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