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FSTA Conference

Well, Pat and I recently got back from our first FSTA(Fantasy Sports Trade Association) conference in sunny Tampa and while we only had about 5minutes on the beach we did at least have the chance to meet some really great people and make strong contacts. is continually trying different ways to get our product out there and having many of the top representatives in the fantasy sports industry see our trophies doesn’t hurt. The response to our product line was very promising and we received feedback and suggestions from several key members. We’re especially proud to announce that the members of the FSTA’s two expert leagues, football and baseball, will now be playing for the rights to a Throwback and Armchair Ace. I use the word “expert” hesitantly in this case because Pat and I are part of the baseball expert league this year. Our team will be announced in the coming days. –A few words of advice are -don’t draft while drinking.-DM