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FSTA Fantasy Football Draft 2009 is again proud to say that the fantasy industry plays for one of our trophies.  The FSTA just held it’s summer conference in Chicago and nearly 36 participants from 36 different companies will compete for a chance to have their name immortalized on one of our Throwback trophies.  The 36 members are divided in to three 12 team leagues with each winner of that particular league getting their name on the trophy.  These are the big shots of the industry.  Companies like Rotowire, Fanball, ESPN, and USA Today are just a few.  I listed our team in an earlier post and you can check it out for yourself and tell me what you think.  I must say, it would be awfully nice to have engraved on that bad boy.  I’ll be relying on L.T., Donovan McNabb, Antonio Gates and Stephen Jackson big time.