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Greatest fantasy football trophy EVER!

The weeks are counting down and before you know it fantasy football fans will be sitting with buddies, cracking a few cold ones, and picking what they believe will be the team to win it all.  Yes, football season islineoftrophies still 3 months away, but guys are starting to get anxious- including myself.  I also know this because the football trophy inquirees are starting to trickle in and leagues are thinking about playing for more than just the cash.  I always get a kick out of the guys that say to me “this is the greatest fantasy football trophy ever.”  Who am I to disagree?  

Take a look for  yourself.  You’ll find the plastic piece of crap, the lame pee wee football trophy posing as a fantasy trophy, and the knock off Lombardi trophies.  However, you’ll only find one trophy that is hand-crafted and totally original.  That’s at  Believe me, I’ve done the research and it always amazes me that other sites actually charge more for their trophies than my highest priced trophy, The Throwback.  So take your time and look around.  After all, much of fantasy is about doing your research.  However, when it is all said and done don’t be the guy that wastes his precious time and energy on some washed up, overrated, piece of junk.  Play for the best fantasy football trophy you can find.  -DMgreg