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Handmade fantasy football trophy -video.

If you haven’t seen it before, I figured I’d post it again. Here is our original fantasy football trophy video. Note: Jodi is on drums.

One thought on “Handmade fantasy football trophy -video.

  1. This new mini version of your trophy is great! My husband has a full sized version for his league and he loves it. I want one of the smaller ones to give to him for Father’s Day. He will love it, he really loves fantasy football. Last year, he really proved to me how obsessed he was with football. I went to the mall to go shopping for shoes while he was too “busy” preparing for his draft by laying on the couch and studying his fantasy football magazines. While I was at the mall shopping for a new pair of shoes, I had an awful experience with a perverted shoe salesman. As I was being fitted for a new pair of shoes, the salesman looked up my mini-skirt and into my crotch. He said, “Darling, if you fill that thing full of ice cream, I will eat it all!”. I was shocked and immediately got up and ran out of the store back home to my husband. When I got back to the house, he looked up from his magazine and grumbled, “Where the hell have you been?” In tears, I told him about the salesman and what he said to me and demanded that he go down to the mall to kick the guy’s ass. He put his magazine down and said, “Number 1 – you have no business going to the mall. The only reason you’d be going there is to spend my money. Number 2 – I am not leaving this house and going anywhere until I finalize my draft strategy. And Number 3 – I am certainly not going to try to kick anyone’s ass that can eat that much ice cream!.”
    He did awesome last year in his fantasy draft and has the trophy to prove it! That’s why I love him so much!

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