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How We Make Our Trophies

All trophies begin their journey in a shop in Brooklyn just under the BQE and in view of the Statue of Liberty. It’s here that I spend weeks and sometimes months sculpting a lump of clay into what I believe truly represents what fantasy sports are all about.

After the sculpture is complete a rubber mold needs to be made. The mget-attachmentold making process is key and having expert mold makers is vital to getting exactly what is wanted.

Once the mold is made trophies can be cast. Each trophy is poured from a rigid urethane compound by hand and then separated from the mold. It’s at this stage that the trophy truly takes its shape.

Once the cast trophy is pulled from the mold it moves on to the finishing stage. Here it is given a bronze finish that is applied by hand.

While the trophy is being cast and finished the solid oak bases are being cut, sanded and assembled. All bases are then given a polyurethane finish.

The finished trophy is then hand pack and shipped out to you.