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I’m Going to Need a Football Fix!

It’s sinking in that football season is 8 months away. Yes, this time of year is the absolute worst for diehard football fans like myself. Basketball season hasn’t even reached the all-star break and the players are pretty much on autopilot until the playoffs hit. The NHL is heating up, but the games are hardly ever televised and baseball and Nascar are idle. I guess March Madness is the one thing that helps to get me through the long boring footballless spring. How many days away is March? Anyway, my point is that football is king in this country and I know that I’m stating the obvious. The fact that so many watch the NFL Draft is proof enough that fans are craving that “football fix” and a quick shot to the arm to get them through this 8 month layoff. Suddenly I have an urge to see who “the experts” think the Browns will draft. Take care.- DM