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“I Hate Fantasy Football”

Many guys will be heard uttering  those words right about now after they realize their dream of a title will have to wait until next year. Myself included.  However, my buddies Bill and Dan, co-owners of “Everyone Loves Bush,”  are justified in their anger after Visanthe Shiancoe (TE, Vikings) burned ’em for 136 yds and 2 tds in the title game of my league.   It’s understandable.  Especially because on his first TD he was actually down on the one yard line and Atlanta didn’t challenge.  The fact they also had Peterson only added salt to the wound.  Doesn’t Mike Smith know that it bill-pwas the Super Bowl for millions of leagues out there?  C’mon,throw the red flag!  Congratulations to “Cool Brees” and my friend Bill, who captures his second title in the 18 year history of our league.  My dream of a repeat was not to be and I’ll be passing the trophy his way come Sept. -DM