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I was pulling for you Tom Watson

Damn.  Fifty-nine  year old Tom Watson almost pulled off the most miraculous sports feat in my entire life-time.  Well, maybe second to the 1980 U.S. hockeyimages-3team. Watching Watson come within a 6 foot putt of winning the British Open was something I’ll never forget.  Unfortunetely a large part of not being able to forget it is because he missed the putt.  If  he pars the 72nd hole he would’ve become the oldest player ever to win a major tournament and no doubt is remembered for the next century as the old man who won the British Open.  Now he goes down as the old man who choked on the 72nd hole and lost the British Open. Ok, choked is a little harsh-let’s say he gagged.  It’s really too bad.  Watson turned back the clock and gave us all a glimpse at what he once was.  He made all golf fans forget about Tiger for at least one weekend and realize that golf is still a game of hitting greens and fairways and putting.  We weren’t caught up in the titanium drivers and 300+ drives.  Watson captured the imagination of the old and young and it’s unfortunate that he’ll go down as a footnote  in the Open’s history instead of the most incredible story in the history of golf. -DM