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Is Gilbert Arenas really that stupid?

swl_p0zqsgajGilbert Arenas deserves to be out of the league for this entire season. Period. What kind of idiot brings weapons to work and doesn’t understand the consequences? Then again, what employer would hold on to an employee after they bring weapons to work? Ah yes, this is todays NBA. The fact that Arenas plays in a city that has consistently been on the list of most gun related deaths only adds gun powder to this ever evolving story. But wait. Then the idiot has a picture taken two days ago before a game with his teammates where he is holding his fingers up as if they’re guns. OK, now he moves in to the realm of idiots that Tiger Woods can’t even crack. The guy could’ve saved a photo and just pulled his pants down and mooned David Stern.
Now Gilbert, it’s time that you feel the wrath of the commissioner and realize you areimages2 nothing more than a small spoke (broken as it is) in the giant wheel that is the NBA. Without you the wheel will continue to turn. However, with you the wheel may find itself in a ditch. That’s a chance David Stern is not about to take. Good bye, and take your guns with you.

Fantasy Basketball Trophy-  The Armchair Big Man
Fantasy Basketball Trophy- The Armchair Big Man