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It’s Time The Cleveland Browns Move On From Johnny Manziel

Well, it didn’t take long for Johnny Manziel to screw up and find himself as the backup quarterback for the Cleveland Browns yet again.  This time though he’s been demoted all the way to third string.  Quite a week for a guy that was told he would be the starter for the last six games of the regular season.   As a Browns fan I was actually looking forward to seeing what Manziel could do.  Could he lead a team and show promise or would he be just another name on the always growing list of disappointing Browns quarterbacks.  The latter seems to be the one to bet on at this time.  Manziel was caught on video over last weekend drinking and singing at a rooftop bar.  Not a big deal.  After all, he’s over age and the Browns were on their bye week.  However, when you tell the coach that you’re going to hit the books and be professional and then do the complete opposite, it’s not a good look.  The kicker though is when you lie to the organization and say the video was old.  Really?   This is the guy the Browns are considering handing over the offense  to?   The guy can’t even make the right decision off the field leading up to the biggest professional game of his short career.   I say move on from Manziel and be done with his drinking, partying, and lying ways.  Let him be a problem for another organization.   The Browns need to focus on so much more and the last thing they should be dealing with is a guy who can’t be taken at his word who has a drinking problem.   Just my frustrated two cents worth.