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Josh Cribbs in the Hall of Fame

images3Josh Cribbs will one day take his grandkids to Canton to look at the bust of their proud Granddad. Yes, I’ll say it. Josh Cribbs will be in the Hall of Fame. Cribbs now holds the all-time mark for kickoff returns for a touchdown with 8 and is nowhere near the end of his career. He could easily retire with 12 or more by the time his playing days are over and more than double the previous record of 6 held by a number of guys including Mel Grey. Not to mention the guy is also one of the top special teams guys in the league on the defensive side of the ball when covering kicks and punt returns. The lip service that is always given to special teams will finally deserve a true representative in the Hall and Cribbs will be that guy. If it’s such a integral part of the game, why is it that a true special team player hasn’t been inducted?
If Deion Sanders would’ve focused his attention on strictly being a returner, wouldn’t he have deserved consideration? Some guys have the ability to completely change the outcome of a game with a single touch of the ball and Cribbs is easily in that group.
He’ll also be included in another group of players- those in the Hall of Fame.

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The ultimate fantasy football trophy