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Kissing Lebron’s ring. Oops, I mean ass.

images-13I can’t stand that the modern day sports athlete continues to get his ass kissed on what seems to be a daily basis. It’s either to try and persuade them to remain “loyal” to a particular city, franchise or company or, on the other hand, to be persuaded to leave. The million dollar deals and endorsement opportunities aren’t enough these days. It seems so much more about who’s giving what and fans having to continually pucker up in order to lay a big fat wet one on their million dollar asses. Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York City, has even joined in the lovefest. His public courtship of Lebron James is just one more example of how out of whack everything has become. The last time I checked, New York City has much larger issues than if Lebron James will be playing for the Knicks. However, there is Bloomberg smearing on his favorite lip gloss every time he talks about Lebron. After all, I’m sure you want those lips to be nice and soft when you bend over to kiss the King’s ass. What happened to the days of kissing the king’s ring. Oh, that’s right, he doesn’t have one.-DM