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Kobe doesn’t need Shaq

Kobe Bryant has not been referred to as Robin since Shaq was sent off  to Miami.  With the NBA Finals starting tonight one thing is for certain- this IS Kobe’s team.  The quest for Bryant to end the talk of needing Shaq to win an NBA title will end in the coming weeks. Kobe has proven that the Lakers knew what they were doingimages-1 when they kept him over the big fella.  Shaq’s best years were behind him and even though he went on to win a title in Miami, the Diesel’s legs (and weight) have not been at championship level play.  Age will always catch up to you.  

Kobe offers something not seen since Michael Jordan-that rare blend of athleticism and killer instinct.  Kobe knows, like MJ did,  that he can’t be stopped and that he’s the best player on the floor.  However, what made Michael so good was that everyone else on the floor knew it too and it affected their play.  Many times before the ball was even tossed up.  Kobe is that same type of player and is no doubt keeping that 70’s porn star, Stan Van Gundy, up late at night trying to figure out just how to slow him down.  Unfortunately  for him, he won’t have an answer.  This series is going to be Kobe’s party.  A party that  will be celebrated without Shaq.