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Kobe vs. Dwight Howard?

Kobe and the Lakers now await the winner of Cleveland/Orlando  and it’s pretty obvious who all world wants to see come out of that series. If Lebron can somehow pull off game 6 tonight in Orlando and go back to Cleveland for a game 7 the dream matchup will be one step closer.  The thought of a Kobe vs. Lebron in the Finals is enough to wet the appetite of even the most gorged basketball enthusiast.  On the other hand, Kobe vs. Howard is something I think that just won’t fill my basketball hunger.  Yes, Howard is a complete beast who is on tier two under Kobe and Lebron.  However, seeing him go up against Kobe (or really Andrew Bynum) just doesn’t do it for me.   Please Lebron, tell me your bag of tricks isn’t empty just yet. -DM   FantasyTrophies.combracket-challenge-winner