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Kyrie Irving as “Uncle Drew”

As a Cavaliers fan, I gotta say it’s great to see a player on my favorite team getting a little love from marketers again. After all, Lebron not only took “his talents to Southbeach”, he also packed up any positive exposure the Cavaliers received and decided to take it as a carry on with him on his flight to Miami.
It looks as though Kyrie Irving may be bringing some of that love back to Cleveland though with a genuine smile and charisma that definitely lacks the giant ego that Lebron seemed to always have perched on his shoulder. In a world of self absorbed athletes, I only can think of one that has “Chosen One” tattooed on his back.
Yes, Pepsi clearly believes that this year’s rookie of the year has the IT factor and subsequently rolled out a 5 minute online “commercial” starring Irving as Uncle Drew.

Check it out.