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Laremy Tunsil Pick Could Pay Huge Dividends for Dolphins

Laremy Tunsil’s epic 2016 NFL Draft will forever be remembered because of the video that was posted to Twitter just 13 minutes before the first pick was announced. In it Tunsil is seen wearing a gas mask bong and, unlike Bill Clinton, clearly is inhaling. The video created shock waves that every GM at the top of the Draft couldn’t ignore. Tunsil fell from the projected first overall pick at one time, all the way to #13. The video cost him millions.
For the Dolphins, it could be the steal of the Draft if Tunsil lives up to his one time projection as the top overall player. Let’s face it, every GM knows that players smoke pot but they don’t want their name attached to a guy that has controversy linked to him before he even enters the league. Apparently Miami’s front office felt convinced the reward vs. the risk was worth it. We shall see.
One thing however is for certain. The NFL will use Laremy Tunsil’s night as a warning to all incoming players on what not to do.