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Leave Mangini alone

holmtighthorizjgjpg-7be3a290e3d6c803_largeCan all of the talk about Mangini coming from a run style, Belichick/Parcells system and Holmgren coming from a west coast system finally stop. The last time I checked, the Patriots throw it all over the field and the they seem to rely on the short pass routes to move the ball. Belichick understands you use the talent you have and Mangini surely believes in the same principles. The problem is that the Browns don’t have the talent.
However, I think all of that will change with Holmgren at the helm. I just hope that Mangini is there to coach that talent.
I remember being one of the few who never gave up on Belichick when he was in Cleveland. Even during the Kosar feud. My friends will attest to that fact. We sat watching plenty of football arguing over that issue most Sundays during the Belichick era. I believed the guy had a true backbone and stood by what he believed. Even if it meant public ridicule and getting ripped in the papers. Belichick didn’t waver and either does Mangini. Unfortunately this could be Mangini’s downfall with Holmgren. I hope not.
Mangini turned the Browns into a team that battles. A team that may not have the most talent (right now), but one that never gave up on it’s coach or it’s fans. A team that at the end of the season a fan could actually look forward to seeing grow next year. Hopefully Holmgren will see this too and see the attributes Mangini brings to the table. Hard work and discipline being at the top of the list. Let Mangini keep his “process” going and build a team that all Cleveland fans can be proud of. Holmgren, as Parcells said, “buy the groceries.” -DM