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Lebron and Shaq?

The smoke is starting to rise higher and higher in regards to the rumors about Shaq being traded to the Cavaliers.  At this point it’s only that, smoke.  However, with Phoenix wanting to dump salary and the Cavs needing an inside presence, this rumor has all the necessary elements to turn it into a raging wildfire.

The Cavs realized against Orlando that the concrete that Z had in his shoes isn’t going to cut it against Dwight Howard and his athleticism.  Howard continually pounded the Cav’s bigmen inside and set the tempo in many of their games.  On offense,  the Cavs strategy was to try and clear the paint of Howard so Lebron, Mo Williams and Delonte West could drive the lane and kick it out if need be.  However, putting Z at the 3 point line and having him shoot 20 ft jumpers wasn’t the bait to do it.  Enter Shaquille O’Neal.

Shaq may not be the player he once was, but he’s still 350+ pounds that takes up a lot of space and will always demand attention.  Making Howard work on defense is a great way  to slow him down on offense and any player that goes up against Shaq  still needs to pack his lunch and hardhat.  Post position on both ends of the floor was a missing element for the Cavs against Orlando and Shaq has never been shy about setting up camp on the low block.  Danny Ferry, Gm of the Cavaliers, knows that Orlando isn’t going to be going away any time soon and he needs to add some key pieces to the puzzle to overtake both Orlando and Boston.  He also has to prove to Lebron his unending commitment to try and bring a championship to Cleveland.  After all, Lebron has a big decision to make at the end of next season.  Having Shaq as a Cavalier could make that decision a little easier.   Get that flame going Danny Ferry. -DM