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Lebron is going to (fill in the blank)

Well, it’s about time Lebron. After months of speculating where he’ll end up inimages-23 2010, Lebron James has finally told the media he isn’t going to address any questions regarding his future. Wow, it took him this long? Cavalier fans have endured everything from NY, Miami, New Jersey, and even the Lakers as potential suiters. Finally some of the hysteria will hopefully become more of a whisper and not the constant annoying humm it’s been.
The Cavaliers have arguably their best chance ever to win an NBA title and the daily distraction of Lebron’s future is something this team can surely do without. One can’t blame Lebron for not signing an extension with the Cavaliers in the offseason. He understands that he holds all the chips and he’ll play his hand like he’s at the final table of the World Series of Poker. However, I do blame him for helping to fan the flames of the constant media frenzy that has surrounded the topic. “No comment” is one phrase that Lebron could’ve borrowed from plenty of politicians to help throw a little water on the burning topic.
Instead he’s answered almost every question reporters have thrown his way. Which is like throwing a bucket of chum to starving sharks.
I hoping the sharks will find a different player now to circle. I hear Dwayne Wade is still happy to talk.-DM