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Lebron James- The Hatred Runs Deep

Lebron James is far and away the best player in the NBA right now but he’s also the most hated. I watched game 2 of the Pacers/Heat series at a local bar in Brooklyn, NY and couldn’t believe the amount of vitriol and hatred directed towards Lebron. Anyone who knows me understands my hatred for him. I’m a diehard Cleveland fan. Just catching a glimpse of Lebron in a commercial irritates me. However, I noticed last night that it didn’t matter if you were from Cleveland, Houston, Chicago or St. Louis- the detest for Lebron James cuts across all geographic lines. My guess is because people want to see their superstars struggle a bit before greatness. They want to see them persevere through hard times and come out on top. Think Michael Jordan and his battle to overcome the Detroit Pistons.
Lebron circumvented that step and jumped into an instant contender. People didn’t like it then and by the sound of the bar last night, they still haven’t forgotten.

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