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Lebron to NYC

And so it begins.  The talk of Lebron James’ eminent departure from Cleveland to “greener pastures” in NYC have begun.  The Cavaliers have been eliminated from the playoffs and now head in to the off season with one huge question looming.  Can they resign Lebron?  While many believe he’ll play through next season under his current contract and then bolt in free agency to the Knicks or soon to be Brooklyn Nets, I am one guy who thinks he’ll decide to stay in Cleveland.   Yes, James could make the megabucks in the marketing capital that is NYC.  However, the guy makes his millions already  and now plays for a team that is arguably one or two solid players away from a championship, while both the Knicks and Nets need complete overhauls.  Also,  Lebron’s relationship with his coach and teammates should not be overlooked and  could be a deciding factor.  Cleveland hasn’t experienced a championship since the ’64 Browns and Lebron recognizes that he could be the one to finally bring it to his hometown team.  I truly believe he’ll follow the lead of a guy like Tim Duncan and resign with the team that drafted him, built a team around him, and placed him in a position to win it all.  Cleveland’s concern after that is going to be trying to find a guy that can shoot a consistent 20 ft jump shot along with signing a low post defensive presence.  Those two things unfortunately could be even harder to pull off than convincing the King to stay on his court.  -DM